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Delivery & Carry-Out

Grand Day Cafe

1284 West Fifth Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212
Tel: 614-481-3363
Mon & Wed - Fri:
7:00AM - 2:30PM
Sat - Sun:
7:00AM - 3:00PM

Throughout the mandated restaurant shutdown by our government due to COVID-19, we are trying our best to provide you with the same Grand Day experience that you would typically get in-store.

As of now, due to low staffing, we are taking delivery orders within a 5-mile radius of our store, and we reserve the right to decline any delivery requests that are not within our capability.

The ordering process to place a delivery is as follows:

  • Please call us at (614) 481-3363 to speak with a staff member
  • The following information will be collected over the phone:
    • Name & Address
    • Phone Number
    • Credit Card Information
    • Food Order
  • Your payment in the form of credit card will be collected and charged ahead of time as prepayment
  • A $2 delivery fee will be charged
  • Our staff will cook and deliver your meal
  • Our delivery person will give you a phone call when they've arrived at the provided address

Our carry-out process remains unchanged.  We only need your to call our store number and provide us with contact information while we prepare your meal.

We look forward to providing you Grand Day food throughout this situation, and we hope that you stay safe and well-fed!

Thank you!